Trout Unlimited Rattlesnake Dam Removal Project

Technical Consulting 2019-2020


Rattlesnake Dam, Missoula, Montana

In Support Of
  • Trout Unlimited

Project Summary

Watershed District: 
Lower Clark Fork

Trout Unlimited (TU) hired Montana Freshwater Partners to provide the technical expertise needed to create a plan for generating mitigation credit from the Rattlesnake Dam removal project.

Under this contract, Montana Freshwater Partners completed the following tasks: conducted background research on dam removal project precedents and crediting systems; developed credit scenarios that incorporated habitat function and conditions assessments; evaluated most applicable bank type (Bank, In-Lieu Fee, etc.) and proposed sponsor (City, TU, etc.); developed information for stakeholder decision-making tool that included cost-benefit analysis, financial assurances, water rights, long-term management requirements, etc.; and developed an outline for the draft prospectus document.