Give Back to the Yellowstone

Yellowstone River Stewardship Program

An easy, community-based way for all river users who live and enjoy spending time on the Yellowstone River to show their support.

The Shape of a River

Learn about the story of one man’s journey to leave a legacy to his children and on the the longest free flowing river in the lower 48 states.

A collaborative cinematic effort between Montana Freshwater Partners and Ocean Media Institute, this film has been featured nationally and internationally at FILM festivals listed below.

“Living here every day and experiencing the Yellowstone River every day you start getting more of feeling that this is so much bigger than me. There is so much more going on here that is out of my control. And when you embrace that notion that it’s not about control it’s about respect and really start to appreciate the Yellowstone for what it is, it’s the life blood of this land.”

— Larry Rau, rancher and landowner:

Why Our Work is Important

Montana Freshwater Partners exists to enhance and preserve the vitality and resilience of Montana’s aquatic ecosystems. Our 501c3 nonprofit organization specializes in science-backed and creative technical solutions that benefit people, communities, industry, and our shared natural environment. We think outside the box and pursue market-based and traditional funding sources to find solutions that benefit landowners, conservationists, the public, and the natural world.

Since 2011

Montana Freshwater Partners has protected and restored …

feet of riverbank

acres of wetlands

acres of floodplain


In celebration of our 10th year, Montana Aquatic Resources (MARS) is now Montana Freshwater Partners.

Formerly known as Montana Aquatic Resources Services, we are a non-profit organization that has worked since 2011 to enhance and preserve the vitality, health and resilience of Montana’s rivers, streams and wetlands.

What We Do

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