Predict The Peak 2024 Fundraiser

What is PREDICT THE PEAK? Each spring as snow melts in the mountains, it feeds the rivers with a pulse of water, bringing the highest streamflows of the year to our rivers. The “peak flow” changes year-to-year in timing and volume. Predict this year’s correct peak flow for the Yellowstone River  above Livingston for a chance to WIN! Proceeds support the protection and restoration of Montana’s rivers.

Why PREDICT THE PEAK matters? Climate change is causing lower snowpack, earlier runoff, and increasing variability in precipitation and streamflows. In recent years we have seen record-setting droughts and floods in watersheds across Montana, affecting the health of our rivers and our communities. Our organization is working to boost climate resilience through watershed restoration, community outreach, and education so please support us by participating in Predict the Peak!

Predict the peak now through 05/15/24:

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Predict The Peak Contest FAQs

How does the PREDICT THE PEAK contest work?
  • Guess the Peak of the river
    $25 (donation) per guess in CFS (cubic feet/second); Make four guesses and get a fifth guess for free!
  • The closest guess to the actual peak flow wins an amazing prize package!
    One grand prize winner per river with prize packages for runner up guesses.
  • Your participation helps contribute to the vitality, health and resilience of Montana’s rivers!
I'm no scientist. How do I make a prediction?

 4 Different Ideas:

1. Make a scientific guess by using data!

• Look at USGS streamflow gauges for each river: 

Yellowstone River near Livingston

Gallatin River at Logan

North Fork of the Sun River near Augusta

 • Look at snowpack levels Current Snotel Snow Water Equivalents

• Reference NOAAs river flow projections

• Reference the extended forecast and be sure to look at the nighttime lows in higher elevations!

• Consider how much low to mid elevation snow there is in conjunction with the upcoming weather

2. Make an educated guess!

By looking at past historical flows – Ten year average peak flows for each river:

  • Yellowstone River average peak flow: 26530 CFS
  • NF Sun River average  peak flow: 2142 CFS
  • Gallatin River average peak flow: 5637 CFS

 3. Use a random math equation!

Take your grandmother’s age x 100 + age of your eldest child + County license number + month number + # beers you drank last week = Your guess

4. Take a stab in the dark – or a wild guess!

What is "peak flow" & why does all of this matter?

Each spring as snowpack melts in the mountains, the runoff brings the highest flows of the year to Montana’s Rivers. This “peak flow” changes year-to-year in timing and volume, and is becoming increasingly variable.

Climate change is causing rising temperatures, lower snowpack, earlier runoff, and variation in precipitation, all of which affect the health of our streams and rivers.

The work our organization does helps boost resiliency to climate change, so please support our fundraiser!

I'm in! Now what?

Awesome! The contest starts May 1st 2023 and goes through May 22, 2023.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Show your support of Montana’s rivers by sponsoring this year’s Predict the Peak while supporting Montana Freshwater Partner’s work!